HAND and Finger Exerciser Device


It provides significant benefits in increasing exercise effectiveness when used in people who need hand exercises. Visual stimulation is a must in passive exercises. The visual stimulation feature on the color TFT screen of the device provides more stimulation to the user. 1650mmHg max. It performs stretching movements effectively with its pressurized engine and is completely automatic. The capacitive touch screen is sensitive and easy to use. The device has a real-time countdown timer, automatic exercise termination, two different ready-made menus, and it is possible to make manual adjustments to the desired time when desired.

It is sturdy with its aluminum metal case.

Manufacturer's warranty.

Developed at Samsun Technopark Technology Center


It is sturdy with its aluminum metal case.

Manufacturer warranty.

It is produced in Türkiye.It was developed in Samsun Technopark Technology Center.





Hand - finger Exerciser

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