Our company was established in Samsun Technopark in 2020 and is a company engaged in R & D for medical device production, targeting domestic production in the field of medical devices.

Among the subjects we are working on are devices such as DVT-PE preventive pumps, Lymphedema pumps, automatic tourniquet (hemostasis pump). Models whose design and development have been completed are offered to the market based on registration.

In the products we offer to the market, the basic parts such as electronic card design production software are made by our company, we aim to offer the best product at the cheapest price as well as the highest level of localness in the production of all models. In the future, we aim to produce semi-finished products and accessories in order to obtain products with a 100% localization rate, and we aim to offer new products to the service of health institutions and our nation in all areas needed.


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